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There's only one hornorum breeding tilapia developed by Mike Sipe.

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The Sipe's Hornorum breeding tilapia male is available only from authorized tilapia farming experts.
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Introducing the High Springs Hybrid.

Mike has been culling pure strain Hornorum males for nearly four decades. Every few years a significant milestone emerges and a new f-1 hybrid is created. Early hybrids such as the "Cherry Snapper" were followed in 2008 by the "Chocolate Hybrid" and the "Pennyfish Hybrid". In 2010 Mike successfully created the "Shotgun Hybrid", the fastest growing tilapia on earth at the time. Now in 2016, Mike has outdone himself yet again. After 40 years of selecting for the fastest growth and the largest filet yield, we now have the "High Springs Hybrid".

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Mike has been selecting for optimal traits from pure strain Hornorum and Mossambica tilapia longer than anyone else. A fact that has been echoed for years across many websites. But the only way to be sure that you are getting the real 2016 Sipe's Hornorum is to get it directly from Mike or any one of our
authorized tilapia farming experts.

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The Sipe's Hornorum

Newly released in 2016
The latest version of the Sipe's Hornorum Male. Available as a single breeding male, or as a colony with five of Mike's most recent orange Mozambique females.