New Hybrid

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Dear Tilapia Producer:  
        This is an announcement of our new       
         Tilapia  Hybrid Gene Line.
This Hybrid is created by crossing the tilapia gene line t. mossambica (variety zanzibar from Zanzibar, Africa  now known as T. Horonorum).  I have named this new hybrid
”The Double Barreled Shotgun Hybrid"    


 Any farmer that loads this high caliber of Hybrid on their farm will be able to blow his would be competition out of the water.  The Farmer will be able to grow the Doubble Barreled Shotgun
one ounce fingerlings to an average body weight of one and a quarter pounds each in just 16 weeks. 
This same farmer will be able to continue growing the hybrids upto an average weight of two point two pounds each by the 34th week.
This extremely rapid growth rate is the primary advantage of this Doubble Barreled Hybrid, but just as important is the incredible amount of skinless boneless fillets that Each whole Tilapia will yield.  These whole Hybrids will yield better than 52% skinless boneless fillets.  This makes the double barreled Shotgun hybrid the fastest growing and highest yielding tilapia gene line in the world.
The stories behind creating the high yielding Hybrid gene lines that make these impressive yields possible can be found on our web site:

We have spent 35 years working to create hybrid tilapia that give such outstanding growth and so much skinless boneless fillets.  I hope you will take the time to work with them, you will be glad you did.
We have.
Mike & Jan Sipe

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