The Sunshine Hybrid Tilapia

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Improved body form t. mossambica zanzibar strain known as t. horonorum tilapia, Breeder male breeder size can be used to improve the fillet ratio of female t. mossambic female(from mossambic) from 24 percent up to 50 percent or better.  Males can be used to breed with up to 10 females..

Hybrids of any tilapia cross with any tilapia female will bring the brood stock to a point where the hybrids yield up to 50 percent or better skinless boneless fillet average.

Use our "bull" males to upgrade your current brood stock. I guarantee live arrival.

I recommend that any one interested in this create a spread sheet that shows the relative return for 100,000 hybrids with your current yield your current.

I can then set up a breeder program to help create your breeding stock and improve the for a reasonable consultation fee, or I can set up a program under my control to create the change you want.

The entire tilapia industry could be upgraded to CREATE yields that would cut the feed cost for all tilapia by 50 percent because the skinless boneless fillet average comes from the whole fish and doubling the amount of fillet does not cost any money for the feed and what I will charge can be paid out of the first 1,000,000 tilapia with the a higher skinless boneless fillet average.
fillet increases with the whole tilapia industry.

What Is Your Primary Interest In Tiilapia

Where do you plan to sell your fish?